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Thousands of young women and children have their innocence, their bodies, their spirit, their hope, their families, sometimes even their very lives ripped away from them daily. This horror sounds so heinous that most of us can’t imagine that this could happen here in the United States but this is the reality of what children and young adult sex trafficking victims are experiencing in communities across the United States right now.

Crisis Aid is committed to helping those at-risk or caught in sex trafficking within our communities through the US Safe program.

U.S. Safe


Call or Text: 314-714-8229 |

24 hour National Human Trafficking

Sexual contact that is forced, coerced, manipulated, or compelled through intimidation IS ABUSE.

Children’s Anti-exploitation Partnership

CAP is a revolutionary new collaborative initiative that focuses on reaching children at risk for sex trafficking or other forms of child sexual abuse. CAP provides advocacy, resources, and support to children and families identified in internet/electronics-related crimes against children and human trafficking investigations. CAP provides tools such as assistance accessing Internet Safety Education (ISE) programs to help parents of children engaged in high-risk sexual activities online, activities that leave them vulnerable to trafficking or other forms of sexual abuse.


U.S. Refuge Home

The very first holistic home and safe haven specifically for American female survivors of sex trafficking in Missouri.
The U.S. Refuge home provides trafficked little girls and young women with not only a warm, safe place to live but additional support in the form of professional counseling, life skills classes, access to critical medical and community resources.
Showered with love, care, safety, support, health, prayer, and opportunity, these girls truly have the tools to not only survive but thrive in the face of all the horrible things done to them. This building is a place of refuge, healing, hope, and a safe place to call home.

US Refuge Home

How Do Predators Target Children Through Online Gaming Sites?

Child predators can gain access to children through games played on computers, tablets, gaming consoles; handheld gaming devices, and apps on phones, basically any device with internet capability. They use this access to befriend kids of all ages, build rapport and trust they then use the relationship to either coerce, manipulate and in some circumstances even threaten children into engaging in sexually explicit conversation, photos, and videos. In some cases to meet the predator in person and/or engage other children in the abuse. These predators use a myriad of different very effective strategies to build these faux relationships.

Children and online predators

boy texting

Crisis Aid is one of few organizations in the world to have a physical, full-time presence in a police department to support victims of sex trafficking.


“I got trafficked…” a short video from elements of our U.S. Taskforce.

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